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    Upmala (Creekside) is a ruined farm that has been left to decay for over fifteen years.

    During it's  life it has had a variety of uses including; Bar, cinema and residence.

    Now, I am working on returning it to a fully operational farm using old skills and techniques that will otherwise be lost.

    I'm not here alone, I live with my two dogs; Ellie and Jeb, plus six goats and a bunch of chickens. So, in between jobs, it's not like I get lonely.

    In addition to the house (well, I call it a house, it's actually just four walls and a roof), there are two barns, an orchard, paddock and one side of the property is bordered by a river.

    Although this isn't my first self sufficiency farm, it is the first time that I will be carrying out such extensive renovations. I'm learning new (old) skills as I go along.

    In addition to the renovations I also need to take time out to look after the animals, build them new quarters, prepare for new livestock and get the place in order so that I can return to a self sufficient lifestyle as quickly as possible.

    So, I hope you will join me as I go through a variety of mood swings while trying to make an old ruin become something magical again!

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