• Goodbye....... for now

    IT's been a while since my last post, a lot has happened.

    Not least the fact that I grew tired of being constantly let down by other people and, as a result, the project, and my health suffered.

    I've now moved on, I am at a new location, a better farm, there is plenty of work to be doing to get it up to working standards but it's achievable. Especially seeing as I now have wages as well.

    I am pretty certain that I will return, but , in all likelihood, in a new guise, I am just unsure as to how to tell this story.

    I mean how differently am I living these days? Many people homestead, run small farms and grow their own food.... clearly this is something that I need to be thinking about.

    So, for the time being, rather than letting the blog apparently slide into disuse, I am letting you know that, for present, I am simply not going to add to it.

    As the immortal Arnie said....' I'll be back' :)
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