• What day is it again?

    I have no idea what day it is and to be honest, I don't really care either LOL.

    It's a day and that's all that matters. After having unexpected visitors yesterday I never got around to finishing the chimney in the adjoining room.... truth be told I never got around to starting it. But, I've got coffee in front of me and the kettle on the go ready for the all essential top up.

    Sausages are cooking on the stove outside. Once done I'll be treating the dogs ( I don't eat processed crap any more). Then I'll go and check out the borehole. My pump keeps losing pressure and running continually without providing water so I am concerned that the motor will burn itself out. It might just be a loose connection somewhere, I guess that I'll find out when I do the inspection.

    I'll also check the water level. After a day of cleaning off the roof with the jet wash I'm interested to see how much the water had dropped, and, how quickly it will return.

    Then back to getting the chimney built. I did think about getting two corner pieces and running pipe up the wall and to the ducting in the hallway, but, that means getting to a building supplier first, and it would help if I had some cash in my pocket (I'm down to 5 euro at the moment). But, at the same time, I'm thinking a quick course in bricklaying will be beneficial to the overall program.

    Anyway, I can always rip it out and change it for metal pipework at a later date if I decide to.

    I've also checked out the wall section that I had relaid yesterday before guests arrived. I'm using one part cement to five parts sand as recommended on some website that I had visited last week. It's a good laying consistency, but, the quarter bucket that was left over still hasn't fully set (thankfully, it means it will be easier to clean out), but I'm guessing that it also means that I will have to wait a few days at least before lighting my fire....

    Ok, I continue with my outdoor cooking then :)

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