• Tom Thumb

    I was working onthe back wall fr the greenhouse when I noticed something moving slowly by my feet.

    When I looked down properly I saw that it was a tiny mouse, so, out of interest I thought I would see if I could catch it.

    Catching mice with workgloves is a clumsy affair, it wandered, and I do mean wndered, off to the ditch that I am setting the wall foundations in.

    Fair enough, no point in giving the little critter a heart attack, so I left it to go on it's merry way and went back to work.

    But,. there it was, wandering back, just as slowly.

    This time I was a little different in my approach, I put one hand out in front and coaxed it onto it with my other hand.

    A tiny fieldmouse ( I am guessing - that picture isn't of this  mouse.)

    Now, I'm no mouse expert, but I'm thinking this little fella has either been kicked out of the nest, or has simply wandered too far away. I'm thinking that it can't be more than a couple of weeks old, and judging by it's size I don;t think it should be out at all.

    But it does seem in good shape, so it's obviously got a successful mom that has been looking after it.

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure that if I just left it wandering around outside it won't last the day. Sure, it's nest may well be close by, but, what am I to do? Take it back to where I found it and watch to see if it gets home?

    Nah, I've put it in a bucket, dropped in some oats, slices of apple and a jar lid of water. I've also washed out a bean tin and filled it full of moss from when the roof was cleared.

    It's had a bit of a chew on the oats, but is shaking, so I'm guessing that it's a little scared, rather than cold, and it is taking it's time wandering around the bucket.

    Once it found the tin with the moss it crawled inside, and that's the last time that I saw it.

    I now need to work out what to do with it...I don't really think that I have a place for a pet mouse, but, don't quote me on that just yet.

    At the very least, I have given it somewhere quiet and dry to curl up and die. Or, I have taken on the responsibility of looking after it until it is big enough to go back outside.

    Failing that, I need to get me a mouse cage for it to live in, and think of a name....

    I would post a video, but for some reason Blogger and YouTube can't handle it....

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