• To and Froe

    This evening, before calling it a day I finally got around to making myself a froe.

    What's a froe? I hear you ask.... well ok, I don't, but I can imagine!

    A froe is used for cleaving wood. Still no clue?

    Well imagine that I want to split a log in half along its length, I hammer the metal froe into the one end of the log and then use the handle to pull the two halves apart.

    Why not use an axe? Well, an axe is great for splitting wood, but, if I want a little more control over the whole process, or the log is a larger diameter than an axe can handle, then that;s where a froe comes in.

    I'll admit, this one is a little chunky, I have used an old barn door hinge, a bit on the thiuck side as froes go, but it does mean that I can (hopefully) do some heavy duty splitting.

    And it will save my Kukri from getting damaged.

    This afternoon I found the mouse house. Where the little darlings are living.

    Initial reaction has been to block the hole up with some chunks of concrete that are lying around, of course, that won't affect them in the slightest, but at least it looks like I am doing something about the situation.

    Something that I heard the other day, 2 mice can produce over 900 offspring in a year. Now, I'm not sure if that is talking about Mrs Mouse constantly dropping little mouslets, or if it's the extended family that take part in the population explosion, but, I'm not into the idea of being overrun, and trapping and releasing isn't really that effective either.

    Of course, it does mean that the owls are fed, if they are catching the mice as I release them. And, mice in the house is a good indicator that there are rats. I can understand their desire to be out of harms way, in a relatively warm and dry environment, and, they are cute, but, I think this time I am going to put my foot down and encourage them to leave.

    Well, it's that or set traps and feed the results to the chickens.

    I was invited to a party at the neighbous on Sunday. Celebrating the six month 'birthday' of a grandson. While there I found out a bit more of the history of the manor.

    It seems that in the time of Catherine the Great, this used to be the hunters mansion for the local Pilsrundale (Rundale Palace). Also, the neighbours sons, when they were kids, found silver forks here. So.... metal detector out....start searching.

    The previous owner had the idea of turning this place into a hotel (which accounts for the ridiculous layout and small rooms). JHe was also going to rip out the orchard and build a mini golf course. I'm glad that he ran out of money before getting around to that stage,

    I've also been given a Jotul stove for the room.... (google it) I've only managed to see a small section of it as the door where it is has been locked while Annija and Ritvars are away at universtiy this week, but come the weekend (and I am hoping that they are coming back this weekend) I'll go collect it then work out how to install it in my room.

    I've also made a start onthe greenhouse walls, I think another full day and I'll be ready for applying the cement coat to the concrete blocks (that is, when the cement sprayer arrives - hopefull, this week).

    So, until I get the fun of spraying cement everywhere I guess I am down to humping and dumping cement blocks.
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    1 comment:

    1. Since the mice are trying to overtake the Manor, you will have to be strong in your defense. I know it's not your first choice.
      Yay! for the Jotul.
      And Yay! for the froe!
      Good job, Mike!
      Go. Go. Go.


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