• Really??? Oh, come on!!!

    This morning I was woken by the sound of building work!

    I mean really, it's not even eight o'clock and someone is hard at it.

    At first, I thought that it was  the pygmy hippo with clogs. which had finally tracked me down and moved in.

    But no, this noise was coming from outside (fortunately I guess). I relaxed somewhat when a cheeky little head popped up in the corner of my window, before flying off to gather whatever it was it was looking for.

    Personally, I have always had a problem distinguishing the Great Tit from the Blue Tit (not that is matters, I love all ti.... ahem... sorry!) But this morning I did a bit of searching and, next time the builders return I will be able to see which one it is.

    The little mouse sadly died last night. I'm thinking that it was the cold, when I checked on it, to see how it was doing I saw it just lying there and twitching a little, so I picked it up and tried warming it in my hands.

    At first , it did appear to be responding, but after almost an hour I saw no further improvement, so I put it back on te moss and let it die in peace (although I think it was too far gone to know what was happening anyway.)

    On a more positive note, I have a 'new' stove to put in the room, This is an old cast iron Jotul 602. It looks a lot more substantial than the first stove I have (and am using) but now I can install a stove in the hallway as well, speeding up the warming up process and keeping the place a lot warmer when winter hits.

    And I can cook on it too!
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    1. sorry about the little one....the stove looks great though


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