• Power washing and slow cooking

    Seeing as I still had the power washer, and my water pump and borehole are back to normal I decided to take advantage.

    Power washing clothes is fun, and I am somewhat surprised at the amount of dirt that has come out, and, even washing some things two or three times I was still getting dark brown water coming from them.

    Anyway, the upshot is that my washing line is full of clothes and I am going to go through some more stuff tomorrow.

    And, the water hasn't gone to waste, apart from the chickens drinking it, I was emptying the bowls out where my squashes, courgettes and melons were growing (not that I am seeing anything growing other than male flowers.)

    For sure, I am not cleaning the clothes as if I used some washing powder and there are still some marks on my work gear, but the end result is that I have cleaner smelling clothes to wear again!

    While I was washing (oh, i did the pots and pans as well LOL), I stoked up the stove and I am slow cooking some beef bones with assorted flavourings and tomatoes..... early tastes are promising and with the bones only costing just under two euro for a kilo and a half, I'm guessing that I'll be getting at least three days meals out of the results, even if I have spicy beef soup for breakfast as well!

    Overal it's been a pretty productive day, although as usual I wish I had done more. However, tomorrow will be more washing, getting the foundations in for the greenhouse that will be built, and, if I get my act together, I may just finish the chimney.....fingers crossed.
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