• Mikes day off....well, half day!

    A trip into Bauska to pick up Ritvars phone turned into four hours, visiting two historic sites, picking up so extra materials for the renovation and finding a feed store and market.

    No complaints about that! Yesterday, when coming back from a supply run to Bauska we stopped off at the ruined church down the road. I'll make sure that I have my camera with me next time, Ritvars said when we have less weight in the car (I had it laden with tools, materials, food etc), that we could go visit the other site of an ancient house.

    So, today, on our way to get his phone that he'd left behind we stopped off. It's a nice area, you have to give it to the Latvians, they do know how to make a place a joy to visit.
    First off, after we get out of the car we find the picnic spot, complete with covered dining area and woodpile for barbecuing......

    I like the idea of table and chairs, might even have a go at making my own.

    Steps down to the river.... again, I have steep banks to my river so I will need to get ideas of how to deal with it.

    View out to the Lielupe (Big River).

    Make your choice, left or right...... no cutting down the tree, build around it!

    The view from the other side.

    Just one of the pathways...

    I wonder if this would keep the goats in (or out)?

    The Lielupe.

    Some small house....

    The Lielupe (again).

    Signpost (in Russian) I liked the metal acorn hanging from it.

    After leaving this place, we then headed on to Bauska Castle.... well we did a bit of shopping first but decided to hang around as Ritvars girlfriend was heading back from RIga and it seemed pointless to go home then go back to get her.
    Bauska Pils (Castle) as we walk up to it.

    The Lielipe again.

    I was interested in the doorway into the fortifications, hey, a free bike pic too!

    My audience relaxing.

    Taking a break from entertaining

    Vote for me!

    Friends, Latvians, Countrymen, lend me your ears!

    Lets hear a heyho from that side!

    Latvian toilets, remind me of the Legion.... no doors, so you can chat to others as they come in :)

    Ritvars kindly checking the toilets out for me....

    An idea for a To-Do board

     Just a tower

    Looking for fish....

    The start of the Lielupe.

    Just a bit of a copse on the walk around the castle grounds.

    Guess which river (no prizes).

    Looking down from the bridge.

    Don't Jump!!!!!

    The old part of the castle.

    Castle courtyard.... a bit more grand than mine.

    Just to make it easier for the dogs to get from room to room :)

    Ideas for doors on the Manor

    I could so do with a fireplace like this.... winters would be amazing!

    Idea for front door

    Split door.... I like this idea

    I have to replace the posts holding up the porch, I like the idea of doing them this way.

    Into the cellars

    The steps down to the cellar

    Impressive courtyard

    Another idea for the front door

    Barn doors?

    Christmas pudding hurler.....

    So, I've not commented on some images, but I am thinking that they are fairly self explantory.

    All in all a good mornings break from the 'Manor'. I also bought a dog whistle and clicker, already training ELlie and Jeb to come back at the sound of the whistle, Jeb is picking it up quicker than Ellie, or, she's making a point of sitting when the whistle is blown. 

    I think I'll carry some treat with me, as an encouragement ;)

    So, yeah, a good mornings break, one hour turned into four but I'm not complaining. We got on with renovations in the afternoon.....

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