• Meeces...

    The other night I heard a mouse...where? there on the stair...where on the stair? right there....

    No, it wasn't a little mouse with clogs on, nor was it on the stair, since I'd ripped them out a while back.

    But, russtling paper did confirm that the sounds that I had heard the other night meant that a rodent had come to visit.

    I baited my trap and laid it out ( I live trap,) and just after getting into bed this evening I heard it go off, followed by the attempts to get out.

    I lay there thinking that I should have put a brick behind the sliding back door of the trap because I heard it chewing the thin paper spills that I had used to wedge it, but, I wasn't going to bother getting up and taking the critter out.

    However, my decision changed when I heard paper rustling....either it had managed to escape or I had more than one mouse in the house.

    Of course, as usual the dogs werren't in the slighest bit interested in the night time ninjas.... that would be good.... if they encouraged the mice to leave, just like they do with the chickens when they come visit, or the goats when it's time to chase them arond, but no, Ellie keeps snoring, Jeb just lies there.

    I took the trap out and had a look inside it. It looked like the mouse had escaped, but, opening the door and a small rodent ran out, down the wall and off into the night (I only saw it go down the wall, for all I know it ran back round the house and is safely indoors again. (The kitchen mouse at the last place would run back from the barn where I put it, I watched it a few times over winter as it bounced across the snow, back to the house).

    On hinsight, listening to the weird noises the owl made just as I was coming back in, I haven't necessarily given the young mouse it's freedom to explore the world.... more likely a death sentence from some great feathered beast descending from the night sky.

    Now, I just need to wait for the next temporary tenant of the now modified trap (electrical tape wrapped around the door to stop it moving.

    This visitor might be relocated over the other side of the river, but that can wait u ntil daylight.

    Now to move Jeb who is comatose on the bed.

    Isn't it strange that dogs can nap all day long and still have the energy to sleep soundly at night!
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