• Just say no...

    Something happened yesterday which will change things.

    It's no biggy in the grand scheme of things but I did sort of mess up my weekend work schedule, which in turn pissed me off a great deal.

    What was it?

    Well, someone borrowed the connecting cap to the end of my hose, because they didn't have one themselves. Now, they asked, and I agreed, so all is good so far.

    But, I laid down a stipulation, I needed that connector back the next morning as I had planned to finish off building my chimney and, without it, I would have to walk to the pumphouse every time I needed water or wanted to stop the flow.

    Ok, it's only another 25 mtrs or so each way. But it's the inconvenience when I am hauling bricks, mixing cement etc, etc, etc.

    And yes, I could have filled more buckets, reducing the number of times that I would need to walk to the pumphouse and back, but it doesn't detract from the fact that I lent out the connector on the firm, and understood, condition that I got it back the next morning because I would need it.

    Actually, it doesn't matter whether I would need it back, if I lend something out on a stipulation then the reason for my adding conditions should be immaterial. It's mine, you want to use it, I tell you the rules for being allowed to use it.

    The connector came back at 2100 hrs that night, not in the morning, no message, late drop off or anything like that, it returned as I was shutting up for the day.

    Sure, apologies were given, but apologies don't undo the fact that my day was disrupted, a task I want to complete is still unfinished.

    And it got me to thinking, about all the other little things that have really f'ed up my schedules.

    When people borrow things and return them damaged or broken. I don't care if it can be fixed, if you break it why should I be the one to fix it....well, actually, I have to be, then I know that it's been fixed properly.

    However, it means, yet again, that I have to change my planned schedule, I might have to dip into my funds, which in turn means that I will have to do without something. It shows me that  you have no respect for another persons things and that you have a slapdash attitude to the work that you were doing.

    And, it's not just items......

    I'm seen as lazy because I don't work my ass off eighteen hours straight seven days a week, and, sometimes, when you visit, I may be sat outside having a cigarette, or a coffee, or sat in front of the computer.

    But guess what..... I don't have to work my ass off all day every day, and, just because I don't have to doesn't mean that you can just turn up and expect me to drop everything. Maybe the coffee and cig I am having when you turn up, is my first of the day, or maybe I've just sat down while working out what to do next, or how to solve a challenge.

    I'm sure that people sometimes think, 'hey let's take a trip into the countryside and we could even go visit Mike!'

    By all means, think it, but, before doing it, ask Mike if it's a good time to visit. I don't sit here sad and lonely , praying for visitors to be sent to me, just so that I get some much needed company. It may surprise, but I enjoy my solitude.

    And talking visitors.

    What's all this driving up and parking outside my place, just to look? Or walking up and standing there?

    It's not a fucking zoo! I didn't move here to be your Saturday entertainment. It's almost as bad as going onto my land to pick fruit (or look for the old soviet bunker) just because you used to. And I don't care if you decided to do it after having a few beers, or cos the wife wants to make an apple pie.

    My land, my fruit.


    You might be surprised and find out that I say yes.

    But, if you blindly walk off into the orchard and start helping yourself, then you will probably be offended when I hurl abuse at you and tell you in no uncertain terms to get out of my sight.

    And as for harvesting timber from my grounds or land.... I catch you doing that and you will see how efficient a chainsaw is when it comes to traumatic amputation.

    Wow, all this has come out because someone forgot to bring back a little 49 cent hose connector yesterday morning!

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a seething mass of anger and rage... I'm just sitting here typing, drinking coffee and planning my next job today.

    I'm calm, I don't feel hatred toward the person that let me down with such a minor thing.

    Probably it is the straw that broke the camels back, but it's no great defining moment, except....

    In future, I am going to start saying no.
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    1. Wonderful post!! May I suggest all surprise visitors be put to work, 'oh wonderful, you've arrived just in time, I could use extra hands today!!' I suspect that may do the trick ��. Happy day to you 4ish. Xo


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