• Chim-chimeny, chim-chimeny..chim, chim...cheriiiii

    A morning out didn't mean no work. Ritvars got up on the roof and checked out the chimney for birds nests and other obstructions. After that, he dropped the weight and brush down to give it a good clean!

    No! the camera goes the other way round!

    Next, a hole was made in my room wall to run the pipe from the stove.

    Just a little build up of soot and birds nests (no eggs, they seem to have given up trying to build)

    Putting in attachments for the ducting.

    And, while Ritvars was working hard, I was building the new roof ladder.

    After a welcome break away from the 'Manor' we set about getting some more jobs done, The chimney has been cleaned ( I don't think it had ever been done). The build up of years of neglect came out easily enough, but I now have a decent pile of soot and twigs to utilise somehow in the garden.

    While Ritvars was concentrating on getting the pipework set up for the stove to be installed in my room I set about building new roof ladders.

    By the end of the afternoon, both jobs had been completed, another days work ( building a chimney in the adjoining room) and the stove will be heating (and drying out) my room and I'll be cooking indoors! Onwards and upwards!

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