• Builders Bum

    The last two days have seen me hurling cement at the walls.

    Not out of anger, I'm building my chimney.

    The result? well apart from probably one more days work, I have fingers like prunes and the ends of them are rubbed raw. But, I'm getting there!

    I'm using the old bricks from the previous chimneys that were in the room and mixing cement by the bucketload. Five parts sand, one part cement (a mixture of portland cement and refractory cement).

    I guess I'll need to give it a few days (more likely a week) to dry sufficiently for me to light up and start drying the place out(that will be a novelty, a dry room!) but, I am able to add another skill to my list, I can confidently call myself a brickie, although I'll only ever build for myself, I don't think thst I am good enough to hire myself out!

    How's it looking so far? Well, I'll let y ou be the judge of that, but I'm happy enough with the results. I've even been sensible enough to put in some bars to attach it to the walls.so (hopefully) it won't fall down!
    I did mention the other day that we'd cleaned a section of the roof. Well, Ritvars did, I can't go onthe roof with my eye still playing up. I have a lack of depth perception and don't really fancy the idea of falling off.

    Here are some before, after and during pics that I took.

    A result of using the power wash is that I am having issues with the borehole. I am hoping that it's just a case of a low water level and that it will return to normal sometime during the week, but I've had to move my tap back into the pumphouse as the water hasn't been getting as far as the house, oh, and it's dirty water again. I'm glad that I had the sense to stash some water before redesigning my plumbing. And, I certainly hope that it's all back to normal before I run out!

    Well, it's coffee break time, then I'll get some more of the cement blocks over to where the greenhouse is going to be built....no rest for the wicked!

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