• Bloody fingers!

    It's been another day of taking it easy.

    My fingers are going to tale a while longer to heal I guess. Knocking them opens up the wounds and I end up looking like some crazed killer from a horror movie, and, despite a reasonable tolerance to pain I have been heard to let out the odd curse word!

    I need to strip down my water pump, well more correctly, I need to redo the plumbing as there are a couple of minor leaks that are stopping the system getting up to pressure. No big deal you may be thinking but it means that the pump is running for an hour or so, maybe longer, and it is having to come on more often, obviously shortening it's life.

    I'll get on with that tomorrow and, at the same time, I'll check the water level in the borehole.

    So, a lazy day? Well, yes sort of, I've tidied and cleaned out the room, moving things that have just been left lying around unused, into the adjoining room. I've checked the fish ans crayfish traps a few times, but apart from three tiny fish, I'm not getting much joy there. A few more days and maybe rebaiting with the dried dog food that I bought specifically to encourage the fish to explore the inside of the traps, and who knows, I might be enjoying a fresh fish dinner before the weekend.

    My final job of the day was to have a full body wash ans scrub with a large soft brush that I have. A liberal dusting down with baby powder and not only do I feel much cleaner, I smell nicer too!

    Not much else to report apart from that. I am keen to get the chimney finished as soon as possible, the thought of a heating system is exciting me, I know, I know, so easily pleased, but, winter is coming and I'd rather have a dry room that is being heated than try to heat and dry the room in the depths of winter.

    Maybe I'll try working with gloves on and see if that makes it easier on the hands, or maybe I'll just drink coffee and wait for them to heal fully..... decisions, decisions!
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