• A good days work...

    So, today has been dealing with the roof.

    More specifically, cleaning the accumulated moss off it. But first I needed to finish building the roof ladders, especially as the old ones were rotting and rungs were missing.

    Once Ritvars had the ladder up on the roof, it was decided to add to their three metre length so, I built a second section to give immediate access once up to the roof line.

    Well, seeing as Ritvars was going to be hauling a pressure washer up onto the roof it was a sensible addition.

    Job done and he set about cleaning. Regular stops had to be made to allow water pressure to build up from time to time (moving the washer to the lower section of the roof ladder improved things somewhat.)

    Six hours later and half of the front section of the manors roof are now clear of moss, fortunately, the rest of the roof doesn't have the build-up that this section has (it is overlooked by tall trees, perfect growing conditions for moss it seems.)

    While Ritvars worked on the roof I was building some additional 'steps' to attach to the aluminium ladder that was being used to move along the roof, trying to repair an angle grinder that has never worked, cooked the dogs food, collected apples, crushed and pressed them for juice and from time to time assisted when it was needed.

    Not much else to tell really. Wondering if moss is good as a compost or will it just grow (I actually like moss and it's springy texture). I've read up on Rocket Mass Heaters after being sent a link by Jane a friend in Canada.... might just have a go at making one.

    And, now, I am looking at the bed and thinking of grabbing some shut eye, if Ellie will budge over and let me join her (a bowl of food, might give her the encouragement needed to let be get the bed to myself ;) )
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