• A day of rest....

    After yesterday's concentrated chimney building, I am having to take a work break.


    Because I've rubbed the skin off my fingertips. I didn't notice as I was working because I have a high tolerance to pain (a blessing and a curse). But, after scrubbing my hands, arms, head and other assorted bodily parts clean last night, I became aware of the sharp pain that comes when your nerve endings respond to mistreatment.

    I'm still feeling it now and finding it hard to hold things.... it's even awkward typing, one finger on both hands is good enough to press the keys, all the other squeal in pain when I forget and press sown LOL.

    But of course, I can't take a break... I've still got jobs to do.

    However, I think I'll be doing the easier stuff today. And that starts with throwing my crayfish trap out into the river :)
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