• Watersports (Part 3)

    Just before nodding off last night, I realized the one thing that I should have done before shutting down the system was turning off the shut off valve.

    Not that I was going to get a leak or anything like that, but, if I had simply done that, and left the system running, I would have been able to identify which section of piping was the problem.

    Already I had been surprised by the fact that the only reason that the pump hadn't been pulling water out of the borehole was a poor connection between two sections of pipes, and at worst, this poor connection was only dripping intermittently. If I could confidently ignore the first 30 or so metres of pipe that was now running underground, then I was facing a relatively simple task or repairing my own errors, and that only involved checking three connectors.

    First thing this morning I headed down into the 'sunken garden' and switched off the shut off valve, then up to the pump house and I turned on the pump.

    I was surprised, the pump immediately kicked into action and ran up to operating pressure in no time. The piping from the water to to the pump was doing a better job than my first attempts. And, deep joy, the pressure weas holding, that meant no leaks in the underground pipe.

    All that remained was for me to trot off back to the 'sunken garden', well, I guess amble is a more apt description, remove all the piping and connectors after the shut off valve then just add my line to the filters and tap that now are attached to the wall opposite my room.

    Yes folks, I have indoor running water, nothing more than a tap with cold water coming out of it, imagine the cleaners cupboard with the tap for the mop bucket, that's a pretty accurate description, but for me, for the first time in a long time, I have running water indoors.

    A I have a mug of coffee next to me to prove it!
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    1. Yay!!! Inside plumbing.......what a luxury!


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