• Three little piggies....

    Hmmm. I wonder if you worked out the connection?

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not disrespecting builders or any tradesman, but as with any task I'm guessing their skill has rules, and, so long as you follow the rules, then you should be able to do the job.

    I doubt if it will end up a pretty job, or if it does, well it took longer than it would have taken a craftsman.

    However, there are times that you don't want to call in the professionals.

    Take my place for example. One look at it and a builder would either burst out laughing or decide that he was going to milk me for all that I am worth. (Two short sighted builders have already succeeded in doing this to me in the past.)

    Anyway, I want to reno
    vate this place myself. There's going to be an element of pride in doing it, and, I get to learn some new trades.

    I'm not going to rush the project, there are jobs that need doing sooner rather than later but all the same, I would rather things stay standing for more than six months.

    My interior chimney is prime example. I want to build it as a masonry chimney, so that it will release it's heat out into the adjoining room. Now, once it is built I want it to d a few things, the primary object is actually two fold, I would like it to successfully take smoke out of the house AND I would like it to stay up.

    Aesthetics, at this moment in time are not high on the wish list, the plan is that at some later date I will coat it with mortar and then paint it. At the moment, functional and operational are the name of the game. (I really would like the stove INSIDE the house and my room drying out.

    So, I need to learn to become a bricklayer, and in addition to that, I need to learn all about masonry heaters. And, just to make it more interesting I need to learn it this afternoon.

    I'm guessing that there are three main components to bricklaying.

    1. Bricks
    2. Mortar
    3. Putting em in the right place.

    So, if I can master these three things then I can start my apprenticeship….. by building a masonry heater.  But next....more to learn >>

    (BTW, I'm not building this house out of straw - got it yet?) 
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