• Rolling with the punches

    I swear that if I had another cockerel, this guy would be roasting over an open fire.

    He takes the girls off all over the place, he is adamant that they have to leave the grounds to wander on the track and the road.

    I try to round them up and he takes them further away. He attacks me when I am leading them to their shed for the night and he's just, a.... well,.... I hate him.

    Of course, he's doing what he is supposed to be doing, looking after his girls, finding them food to eat, protecting them. And, if I am going to let my animals free range then I have to accept that they are going to explore. All the same, he's really starting to piss me off.

    I can't get rid of him now because I am expecting an incubator, to restock the flock and well, an egg needs this guy around (before it becomes an egg, well, proper egg...oh you know what I mean.)

    But all the same, he's pushing his luck.

    I've installed the piping down one side of the hallway, it's not in the permanent position as yet, but I needed to work out where the chimney was going to cross the hallway to the woodstove. so that I can break a hole into the wall.

    Three hours later, I'm through... another one of those archaeologist moments as the first bit of concrete block falls away and I see daylight.

    But, something isn't quite right. There's sunlight ok, but about 4 inches away there seems to be a wall!


    Then I realise that I have broken through into a hole in the wall that the previous chimney was attached to.

    What to do.......

    I can enlarge the hole, that goes into the existing hole I guess, run some duct pipe into it then seal up the original hole (the one that I broke into), or I can cut another hole about 2 inches further down the hallway.

    It's a cement block, so easy enough to cut through, although I've been having to use a drill to 'saw' wedges out of the block. I thiuk that I am going to have a go at enlarging the hole and blocking it off at this end.I'm dusty enough as it is LOL

    Then, I'll build the chimney on the other side of the wall up to it.

    Yeah, I think that will work.

    Well, I know what I am talking about :)

    Jeb and Ellie have been tethered outside all day, not because they are misbehaving or anything, I jus don't want them disappearing off as the mood takes them.

    This morning I lost it with Jeb again. He was outside, wandering around and doing Jeb stuff, I was trying to get him back in the grounds because there was a lot of farm traffic going up and down the track outside my place and I needed to round up Dave and Audrey who had decided to wander the track picking up windfalls.

    Of course, being Jeb it was a case of, 'yeah, yeah, I'll just sniff this first, oh I need to piss over there.... hang on, a fresh smell to check out....' frustrating is an understatement, and add that I am having the tendency to lose my temper these days (no idea why), I've got goats wandering loose and the rest of the gang thinking about joining them, and then the bloody rooster and his entourage turn up, well I just flipped.

    He went inside, eventually....but I wasn't happy with him.

    Then it's twenty minutes of wandering around calling for Ellie who has disappeared, only, she hasn't disappeared, she's gone into the house because she sees that I am pissed with Jeb, the goats, chickens and life itself.

    So, I need to calm down again....I've had years of rolling with the punches, but this last few weeks have me snapping at the slightest thing (which normally I would just take in my stride).

    I can't think of anything that has gone wrong that would get me wound up but, yeah.....pot roast rooster.....hmmmm
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    1. Hey Mike,

      For what its worth, I would lock that rooster up in shade with a bit of feed thrown in and let the girls range around him, he can do lots of breeding in the pen.. plus don't forget, a hen need a min of 2 weeks lockdown before she will breed pure as they hold sperm for a good while, some books say up to three weeks, but I normally find fertility down by 2 weeks

      I had to do it with one of my free range flocks, I locked up one and it keeps everyone else much closer by while still allowing everyone to free range, the pen one gets its little box-crate moved daily, fresh grazing, an freedom at night and the rest range around it..

      As for the rest.. well, it takes time to get everyone and everything sorted.. I think that its a challenge being so much closer to the road, and people when you are used to having it much more quiet.

      1. Thanks :) I was thinking of making a moveable ark for all of them, or just tying him up and staking him out LOL. I'll sort out something suitable for him and get him put away.

    2. Hope your mood improves, maybe lack of sleep?

      1. So do i!!!! Disrupted sleep patterns have been a way of life since way back when....I think the fact that my eye hasn't improved and I have a somewhat distorted view of the world isn't helping. Planning on taking a visit to a doc to get a check up and once over :)


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