• Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

    Glad that you made it!

    I've decided to shut down my pages on Facebook and concentrate all of my efforts on the blog.

    It was just getting too time consuming to resurrect the blog and write for two pages on FB, so this is where you will be able to catch up on the happenings at the 'Manor', daily life, the rebuild, new skills, ideas and suchlike.

    You'll still be able to comment on the things that you see, I'll still reply, hopefully you'll enjoy the new look 'Living a life less ordinary'.

    For the time being, I'll most likely still put my posts onto the pages on FB, to give people a chance to catch up on my new direction.

    The plus side for me is that I'll only need to write for one location, there will be tags so that you can find posts and pages that are relevant to different topics, and, I'll not have to put up with the annoyances of the ever changing world that Facebook has become, no more constant reminders that they use cookies, or adverts getting through despite my ad blocker, yeah, I know, so selfish!

    Anyway, I'm going to leave this post for a few days so that people see it, then I will be back to normal (as normal as I can be!)

    Looking forward to the new journey of story telling, hope that you are too...
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    1. Hey, silly man, most of us don't write in two places. Write on your blog and then link to it on Facebook. :)

      1. That's the route that I am going to take .... I may be slow in the uptake but I get there eventually :)

    2. Added your blog to my blog feeds. Enjoy your writing a lot!

    3. Ok i need to find a feed reader so i can keep up with you then, thanks for the heads up.

    4. Will read here or there ☺

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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